Fear of:


Vaccination  Vaccinophobia.
Vegetables  Lachanophobia.
Venereal disease or prostitutes  Cypridophobia, Cypriphobia,
 Cyprianophobia, or Cyprinophobia.
Ventriloquist's dummy  Automatonophobia.
Vertigo or dizziness when looking down  Illyngophobia.
Virginity, losing one's  Primeisodophobia.
Virgins or young girls  Parthenophobia.
Vision: double vision  Diplophobia.
Voices or noises, speaking aloud or telephones  Phonophobia.
Voids or empty spaces  Kenophobia.
Vomiting secondary to airsickness  Aeronausiphobia.
Vomiting  Emetophobia.
Waits, long  Macrophobia.
Walking, standing up and  Stasibasiphobia.
Walking  Ambulophobia, Basistasiphobia or
Washing  Abultophobia.
Wasps  Spheksophobia.
Water  Hydrophobia.
Waves or wave like motions  Cymophobia or Kymophobia.
Wax statues  Automatonophobia.
Weakness  Asthenophobia.
Wealth  Plutophobia.
Weapons, nuclear  Nucleomituphobia.
Weight, gaining  Obesophobia or Pocrescophobia.
Wet dreams  Oneirogmophobia.
Whirlpools or dizzyness  Dinophobia.
White, the color  Leukophobia.
Wild animals  Agrizoophobia.
Wind  Ancraophobia or Anemophobia.
Wine  Oenophobia.
Witches and Witchcraft  Wiccaphobia.
Women  Gynephobia or Gynophobia.
Women, beautiful  Caligynephobia or Venstraphobia.
Wooden objects or forests  Xylophobia.
Words  Logophobia or Verbophobia.
Words, long  Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia 
 or Sesquipedalophobia.
Work or functioning; surgeon's fear of operating  Ergasiophobia.
Work  Ergophobia or Ponophobia.
Worms  Scoleciphobia.
Worms, being infested with  Helminthophobia.
Wrinkles, getting  Rhytiphobia.
Writing  Graphophobia.
Writing in public  Scriptophobia.
X-rays or radiation  Radiophobia.
Yellow color  Xanthophobia.