Fear of:


Ice or frost  Pagophobia.
Ice, frost or extreme cold  Cryophobia.
Ideas  Ideophobia.
Ignored, being  Athazagoraphobia.
Imperfection  Atelophobia.
Inability to stand  Basiphobia or Basophobia.
Infection, contamination or dirt  Molysmophobia or Molysomophobia.
Infinity  Apeirophobia.
Injections  Trypanophobia.
Injury  Traumatophobia.
Insanity, dealing with  Lyssophobia.
Insanity  Dementophobia or Maniaphobia.
Insects  Acarophobia or Entomophobia or
Insects that eat wood  Isopterophobia.
Insects that cause itching  Acarophobia.
Itching  Acarophobia.
Japanese or Japanese culture  Japanophobia.
Jealousy  Zelophobia.
Jews  Judeophobia.
Joint immobility  Ankylophobia.
Jumping from high and low places  Catapedaphobia.
Justice  Dikephobia.
Kidney disease  Albuminurophobia.
Kissing  Philemaphobia or Philematophobia.
Knees  Genuphobia.
Knowledge  Gnosiophobia or Epistemophobia.
Lakes  Limnophobia.
Large things  Megalophobia.
Laughter  Geliophobia.
Lawsuits  Liticaphobia.
Learning  Sophophobia.
Left handed; objects at the left side of the body Sinistrophobia
Leprosy  Leprophobia or Lepraphobia.
Lice  Pediculophobia or Phthiriophobia.
Light  Photophobia.
Light flashes  Selaphobia.
Lightning and thunder  Brontophobia or Karaunophobia.
Lights, glaring  Photoaugliaphobia.
Liquids, dampness or moisture  Hygrophobia.
Locked in an enclosed place  Cleithrophobia, Cleisiophobia, or Clithrophobia.
Lockjaw or tetanus  Tetanophobia.
Loneliness or of being oneself  Eremophobia or Eremiphobia.
Looking up  Anablephobia or Anablepophobia.
Loud noises  Ligyrophobia.
Love, sexual love  Erotophobia.
Love play  Malaxophobia or Sarmassophobia.
Love, falling or being in  Philophobia.