Fear of:


Fabrics, certain  Textophobia.
Failure  Atychiphobia or Kakorrhaphiophobia.
Fainting  Asthenophobia.
Fatigue  Kopophobia.
Fearful situations: being preferred by a phobic  Counterphobia.
Feathers or being tickled by feathers  Pteronophobia.
Fecal matter, feces  Coprophobia or Scatophobia.
Female genitals  Kolpophobia.
Female genitalia  Eurotophobia.
Fever  Febriphobia, Fibriphobia, Fidriophobia 
 or Pyrexiophobia.
Filth or dirt  Rhypophobia.
Fire  Arsonphobia or Pyrophobia.
Firearms  Hoplophobia.
Fish  Ichthyophobia.
Flogging or punishment  Mastigophobia.
Floods  Antlophobia.
Flowers  Anthrophobia or Anthophobia.
Flutes  Aulophobia.
Flying  Aviophobia or Aviatophobia or
Fog  Homichlophobia or Nebulaphobia.
Food or eating  Sitophobia or Sitiophobia.
Food  Cibophobia.
Foreigners or strangers  Xenophobia.
Forests or wooden objects  Xylophobia.
Forests  Hylophobia.
Forests, dark wooded area, of at night  Nyctohylophobia
Forgetting or being forgotten  Athazagoraphobia.
France or French culture  Francophobia, Gallophobia or
Freedom  Eleutherophobia.
Friday the 13th  Paraskavedekatriaphobia.
Frogs  Batrachophobia.
Frost, ice or extreme cold  Cryophobia.
Frost or ice  Pagophobia.
Functioning or work: surgeon's fear of operating  Ergasiophobia.
Fur or skins of animals  Doraphobia.
Gaiety  Cherophobia.
Garlic  Alliumphobia.
Genitals, particularly female  Kolpophobia.
Genitalia, female  Eurotophobia.
Germans or German culture  Germanophobia or Teutophobia.
Germs or dirt, being contaminated with  Misophobia or mysophobia.
Germs  Verminophobia.
Ghosts or specters  Spectrophobia.
Ghosts  Phasmophobia.
Girls, young or virgins  Parthenophobia.
Glass or crystals  Crystallophobia.
Glass  Hyelophobia, Hyalophobia or Nelophobia.
Gloomy place, being in  Lygophobia.
God or gods  Zeusophobia.
Gods or religion  Theophobia.
Gold  Aurophobia.
Good news, hearing good news  Euphobia.
Gravity  Barophobia.
Greek or Greek culture  Hellophobia.
Greek terms  Hellenologophobia.
Hair  Chaetophobia, Trichopathophobia,
 Trichophobia, or Hypertrichophobia.
Halloween  Samhainophobia.
Handwriting  Graphophobia.
Harmed by wicked persons; bad men or burglars  Scelerophobia.
Heart  Cardiophobia.
Heat  Thermophobia.
Heaven  Ouranophobia or Uranophobia.
Heights  Acrophobia, Altophobia, Batophobia,
 Hypsiphobia or Hyposophobia.
Hell  Hadephobia, Stygiophobia or Stigiophobia.
Heredity  Patroiophobia.
Holy things  Hagiophobia.
Home  Ecophobia.
Home surroundings or a house  Oikophobia.
Home, returning  Nostophobia.
Home surroundings  Eicophobia.
Homosexuality or of becoming homosexual  Homophobia.
Horses  Equinophobia or Hippophobia.
Hospitals  Nosocomephobia.
House or home surroundings  Oikophobia.
Houses or being in a house  Domatophobia.
Hurricanes and tornadoes  Lilapsophobia.
Hypnotized, being or of sleep  Hypnophobia.