Fear of:


Cancer  Cancerophobia, Carcinophobia.
Car or vehicle, riding in  Amaxophobia.
Cats  Aclurophobia, Ailurophobia,
 Elurophobia, Felinophobia, 
 Galeophobia, or Gatophobia.
Celestial spaces  Astrophobia.
Cemeteries  Coimetrophobia.
Cemeteries or being buried alive  Taphephobia or Taphophobia.
Ceremonies, religious  Teleophobia.
Changes, making; moving  Tropophobia or Metathesiophobia.
Chickens  Alektorophobia.
Child, bearing a deformed; deformed people  Teratophobia.
Childbirth  Maleusiophobia, Tocophobia,
 Parturiphobia, or Lockiophobia.
Children  Pedophobia.
Chinese or Chinese culture  Sinophobia.
Chins  Geniophobia.
Choking or being smothered  Pnigophobia or Pnigerophobia.
Choking  Anginophobia.
Cholera  Chorophobia.
Church  Ecclesiophobia.
Clocks  Chronomentrophobia.
Clocks or time  Chronophobia.
Clothing  Vestiphobia.
Clouds  Nephophobia.
Clowns  Coulrophobia.
Coitus  Coitophobia.
Cold or cold things  Frigophobia.
Cold: extreme, ice or frost  Cryophobia.
Cold  Cheimaphobia, Cheimatophobia,
 Psychrophobia or Psychropophobia.
Color purple  Porphyrophobia.
Color red or blushing  Erythrophobia, Erytophobia or
Color yellow  Xanthophobia.
Color white  Leukophobia.
Colors  Chromophobia or Chromatophobia.
Comets  Cometophobia.
Computers or working on computers  Cyberphobia.
Confined spaces  Claustrophobia.
Constipation  Coprastasophobia.
Contamination, dirt or infection  Molysmophobia or Molysomophobia.
Contamination with dirt or germs  Misophobia or Mysophobia.
Cooking  Mageirocophobia.
Corpses  Necrophobia.
Cosmic Phenomenon  Kosmikophobia.
Creepy, crawly things  Herpetophobia.
Criticized severely, or beaten by rod or instrument of punishment  Rhabdophobia.
Criticism  Enissophobia.
Crosses or the crucifix  Staurophobia.
Crossing streets  Agyrophobia or Dromophobia.
Crowded public places like markets  Agoraphobia.
Crowds or mobs  Enochlophobia, Demophobia or
Crucifix, the or crosses  Staurophobia.
Crystals or glass  Crystallophobia.
Dampness, moisture or liquids  Hygrophobia.
Dancing  Chorophobia.
Dark or night  Nyctophobia.
Dark place, being in  Lygophobia.
Darkness  Achluophobia or Myctophobia, or
Dawn or daylight  Eosophobia.
Daylight or sunshine  Phengophobia.
Death or dying  Thanatophobia.
Death or dead things  Necrophobia.
Decaying matter  Seplophobia.
Decisions: making decisions  Decidophobia.
Defeat  Kakorrhaphiophobia.
Deformed people or bearing a deformed child  Teratophobia.
Deformity or unattractive body image  Dysmorphophobia.
Demons  Demonophobia or Daemonophobia.
Dental surgery  Odontophobia.
Dentists  Dentophobia.
Dependence on others  Soteriophobia.
Depth  Bathophobia.
Diabetes  Diabetophobia.
Dining or dinner conservations  Delpnophobia.
Dirt, contamination or infection  Molysmophobia or Molysomophobia.
Dirt or germs, being contaminated with  Misophobia or mysophobia.
Dirt or filth  Rhypophobia or Rupophobia.
Dirty, being dirty or personal filth  Automysophobia.
Disease  Nosophobia, Nosemaphobia or
Disease and suffering  Panthophobia.
Disease, a definite  Monopathophobia.
Disease, brain  Meningitophobia.
Disease: kidney  Albuminurophobia.
Disease, rectal  Rectophobia.
Dizziness or vertigo when looking down  Illyngophobia.
Dizziness or whirlpools  Dinophobia.
Doctor, going to the  Iatrophobia.
Doctrine, challeges to or radical deviation from official  Heresyphobia or Hereiophobia.
Dogs or rabies  Cynophobia.
Dolls  Pediophobia.
Double vision  Diplophobia.
Drafts  Aerophobia or Anemophobia.
Dreams, wet  Oneirogmophobia.
Dreams  Oneirophobia.
Drinking  Dipsophobia.
Drugs, new  Neopharmaphobia.
Drugs or taking medicine  Pharmacophobia.
Dryness  Xerophobia.
Dust  Amathophobia or Koniophobia.
Duty or responsibility, neglecting  Paralipophobia.
Dying or death  Thanatophobia.
Eating or swallowing  Phagophobia.
Eating or food  Sitophobia or Sitiophobia.
Eating or swallowing or of being eaten Phagophobia.
Eight, the number Octophobia.
Electricity Electrophobia.
Englishness Anglophobia.
Erect penis Medorthophobia.
Erection, losing an Medomalacuphobia.
Everything Panophobia, Panphobia, Pamphobia, 
or Pantophobia.
Eyes  Ommetaphobia or Ommatophobia.
Eyes, opening one's  Optophobia..