Green Pees soup



2.5 l of water (0.7 gal)
600 g green peas (21 oz)
250 g pork meet (9 oz)
1/2 celery heart
1 bushel of celery
1 bushel of parsley
salt and pepper to taste
3 bouillon soup cubes
1 sliced smoked kielbasa sausage 


Letís Cook:

For best results the preparations should be made one day before use. Cut the meat into cubes and add salt. Refrigerate over night.  Wash the peas and place the clean peas in a bowl of water and let them soften over night.  Next Day:  Add a bit of salt to the peas (using the same water) and bring peas to a boil.  Add the meat and let it boil gently for app. 2 hours.  Periodically turn the soup and remove any foam. Cut Celery heart and the leek into small cubes and celery bushel as well as parsley into small pieces and add during the last half hour of cooking.  Add the bouillon to taste and as a final step, add the sliced sausage. Be careful not to overcook.     Enjoy!


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