I thought I had done sufficient research to venture an opinion about Islam and to put Islam in perspective with other religions.  Did it ever occur to you that something you never thought much about would turn so different after you moved it into your radar screen?  Well it did to me.  This page used to include an elaborate essay about the good sides of Islam, and about Islamic teachings that established Christians, Jews and Muslims all being "people of the book" and that their religions share the same basic beliefs articulated through the Bible the Torah and the Koran.  Traditional thinking would make you believe that the main difference between Christians and Muslims is that Muslims do not believe that Jesus was the son of God (Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet who was granted special powers by God to show people the power of God) and that the main difference between Jews and Muslims is that Jews do not believe in the prophets.

I have revised my opinion.  There are significant differences between Muslims, Christians and Jews.  The most significant is that Christians and Jews in today's world are vocalizing their disagreement with terrorism.  I know it was different in times past, but Christians and Jews have evolved and more importantly, their teachings since considerable time have been stimulating and continue to stimulate their constituents to strive for a productive life of law and order.  Are Christians or Jews perfect and/or successful? Not all the time.  They do have rotten apples, everybody is entitled to have some among their societies.  The question is "how do we deal with them?"  Where is the outcry of the Muslim world against terrorism? I mean real, sincere, honestly meant outcry ... in each direction?   Do I need to say more?  

I am not intelligent enough to understand some of the political strategies the west has and continues to follow with respect to some middle eastern regimes.  Could it be about oil? Superficial analysts (did you notice how many smart people are surrounding you with an opinion about western policies?) would say yes, it is only about oil.  Hello... since we presumably assumed control of the largest oil producing country, e.g. Iraq, the price per barrel of oil has steadily gone up and there is no predicted end to the rise.  I do not hear much outcry from either side of the political isle.  There must be something I am missing.  Coming back to Muslims and terrorism.  I would like to believe that my essay about the good of Islam was not a failed homework that got an "F". However, until the Muslims stand united against terrorism through actual fact and action (and not through mere rhetoric), the meaning of guilt by association comes to mind. 

As I said above, I am not intelligent enough to understand it all and may miss the light all together.  Too bad, I wish somebody could enlighten me.

With all due respect

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