According to the United States Department of State 

  • Russia offered to share information and the use of their airspace for humanitarian flights.
  • China offered to share information.
  • India offered to share information and pledged support of U.S. actions.
  • Japan offered diplomatic and military (logistical) support, and assistance to Pakistan.
  • Australia offered combat military forces and invoked Article IV of the ANZUS Treaty, declaring September 11 an attack on Australia.
  • South Korea offered military medical and air and naval logistics support.
  • UAE and Saudi Arabia broke diplomatic relations with the Taliban.
  • Pakistan agreed to cooperate fully with the request for assistance and support.
  • Secured over flight and landing rights from 27 countries.
  • Obtained 46 multilateral declarations of support.
  • 19 nations of NATO invoked Article V declaring an attack on one as an attack on all.
  • The United Nations Security Council unanimously enacted a binding resolution requiring all member states to pursue terrorists and those who support them, including financial support systems.


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